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Network Drive (WebDAV) for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile has access to CloudMe

Tested with Windows Mobile 6.1 on HTC Touch Diamond2.

Installing the application

  1. Download and install Java Virtual Machine from Sun Microsystems at on your mobile phone (needs to be installed on device not storage card)
  2. Download and install PaderSyncDAV Java from
  3. When installing, uncheck the "Native Text Input" option in the settings so that the software can input text

Connecting to CloudMe

  1. Open PaderSyncDAV
  2. Type in the host: "" (in lowercase)
  3. Type in the user as "username" (in lowercase)
  4. Type in the pass as "your password"
  5. Click on the arrow in the lower right corner and in the menu that appears choose Connect.
  6. The application will require you to confirm that you wish to use an Internet Connection, click Yes, and you are done!
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