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Get more space.

With a premium account you can quickly get all the space you need. Using our referral program you can get an account with up to 19 GB of free space. Free space from the referral program is added on top of any account plan you have.

CloudMe is dependant on our members to spread the word about our service and it is the premium accounts that keep us running as a company. We really do appreciate your support and business and thank you for using CloudMe.

Refer a friend

Get up to 19 GB of free space by inviting your friends to CloudMe.
Earn a bonus of 500 MB for every friend who joins.
Each friend will also receive a bonus of 500 MB for using your invitation.

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or use this link:
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Upgrade to premium
Buy more space through one of our plans and get the space you need. By upgrading to a premium account you also support CloudMe – the independant European cloud storage.
Let your friends access and follow your files through a http link.
Share your files, but also allow your friends to upload to your WebShare. A file inbox provided through a http link.
Collaborate and share a WebShare with friends and work together in a common folder through a http link.
Before publishing, make sure you own the copyrights and other rights to all materials you publish or that you obtained all necessary permissions.