CloudMe - The European Sync / Storage Service
CloudMe Data Center, Linköping, Sweden, EU
Compensation and apology for downtime
Last month was not a good month, we had several incidents of downtime due to an internal problem in our data center in Linköping, Sweden, EU. This affected a large portion of our users for whom the service was at times unavailable for. The longest downtime we have ever experienced.

This is of course unacceptable and we strive to make sure things like this should not happen.

As a compensation we have given all premium users a free extra month, and all free users that has logged in during these days in May have been awarded a free 1 GB upgrade to their account.

The positive side of things is that you now know that we personally own and operate the servers, we have not like many others outsourced the storage to a third party. You can thereby be rest assured that we have control over all data, and are keeping it tightly within the European Union. The photo above is from our actual data center.

We are truly sorry for this and hope we can continue to earn your trust.

Best Regards,

Daniel Arthursson
Founder & CEO

Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese
New version of CloudMe for Linux
We are adding more important languages to make CloudMe a home for everyone. You can change language in the bottom left corner of our web site or click on one of these links: En español gracias... Em graças Português... 日本のおかげで...
Finally we have been able to update the Linux version and bring in a lot of bug fixes, but also all the new exciting languages that CloudMe has been translated to. Download the Linux version here...
Your CloudMe account is accessible via WebDAV as a Network Drive, please use the following URL: