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We just redesigned our website and reduced our prices!
We have made the shift into a responsive design for our entire website. This means that the site will adapt with the resolution of your device and work equally good on tablets, phones or computers. We didn't stop at the website information, we made the entire CloudMe service responsive, meaning that you can manage your files and view your photos making use of the entire browser window.

This makes CloudMe one of the most user friendly cloud sync / storage services available. Perfectly suited to manage your mobile camera roll and to access your mobile camera roll on a tablet or TV. Why settle for anything less than seeing your photo thumbnails over the entire screen?

To celebrate this milestone, we have also reduced our subscription prices by up to 25%. All existing monthly subscriptions will be moved into the new price plan, and we want to thank all loyal users who have upgraded to paid plans, we really do appreciate your support. If you haven't moved into a paid plan yet, please consider supporting the service that advocates European privacy for its users. It is you, our users that make CloudMe possible.

Preparing for iOS 8 upgrade
Explore more of CloudMe
Updating to iOS 8 will require much more space on your device than previous updates, 5 GB free space or more. Take the opportunity to upgrade to a paid plan and sync your entire camera roll with CloudMe. This will allow you to empty the camera roll and be able to upgrade, while still being able to view all your photos through CloudMe. Read more...
With our new website, we have also worked hard to add more content, to explain more about how you can use CloudMe, and all the devices we are available on. You will find all of this new great content under Features and Clients. Did you know that CloudMe is available on Samsung SmartTV, Google TV and WD TV? Read more...