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CloudMe Example WebShare
A new sharing experience
Sharing with CloudMe has now been greatly improved with our brand new WebShare service. View photos with the same thumbnails as within CloudMe, play and stream music while viewing photos, download the entire folder as a zip file, navigate quickly between folders with the navigation bar and view file listings as big icons or as a detailed list with file names, file sizes and dates. We have also thrown in the ability to play video directly from a shared folder.

Whenever you want to add a shared folder to your own CloudMe account or sync its contents to a folder on your desktop - just follow the shared folder. Followed folders are also available through iPhone, iPad, Android and Samsung Smart TV devices.

See the above example folder here:

CloudMe on Samsung Smart TV
Boxcryptor for encryption
Samsung has world-wide released CloudMe on all 2012 Smart TV's. If you own a Samsung Smart TV or Blu-ray player you may download CloudMe from the SmartHub. We are working to also support 2011 and 2013 models.

Refer a friend and earn a bonus of 500 MB for you and every friends who joins (up to a maximum of 16 GB free extra space).

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Your Cloud Drive is accessible via WebDAV as a Network Drive, please use the following URL: