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Share your vacation memories
Have you been traveling with friends and family? Share your photos and allow them to upload their photos. Then you can all see your photos in one place, even if not everyone has an account. Setup a shared folder that accepts uploads through a web link - similar to a file inbox - and you are all done.

One large CloudMe account can also share its contents to many smaller free accounts. Imagine sharing your photo collection from your 100 GB account to all family members with free accounts. The free accounts will then have access to 103 GB. After following shared folders from several friends you might end up with access to terabytes of data, even though you have a free account.

This is all possible since accepting and following shared folders do not count towards your own accounts quota. Every accepted, followed shared folder expands the size of your account.

Sharing is great for companies too!

If you choose to make the shared folder collaborative, one large account can serve a company as a shared network drive. Keep all shared files and folders for the company within the shared folder. Multiple shared folders can be setup for different roles or divisions of the company.

Some companies also use shared folders to collaborate with their suppliers and customers.

WinZip supports CloudMe
CloudMe Sync for Backups
If you are zipping files, why don’t you try out the latest version of WinZip for Windows. It has built in support for working with CloudMe. Just sign in with your username and password and you can work with your CloudMe files directly from WinZip.
Backup any folder on your computer using CloudMe Sync. Add the folder to CloudMe Sync, right click on it inside CloudMe Sync. Finally set sync mode to upload and sync method to schedule and you have transformed it into a backup solution.
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