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Collaboration folders and sharing from within CloudMe Sync
Share folder is with the new release of CloudMe available on any folder on your computer. Collaborate with friends by giving them access to your shared folder links. Got a link? Just follow the link from within CloudMe Sync and you will have a collaboration folder in no time. Our WebShare links work on folders, files and collaboration folders (see example) - one easy way to share, publish and follow.

Did you know that followed shared folders do not count towards your quota? If you have a 3 GB account and receive a WebShare with 100 GB, you will have access to 103 GB in your account. Perfect for sharing your entire photo collection and home movies with family and friends that have free accounts.

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* When you share a folder, you may choose from a WebShare (published folder), WebShare+ (file inbox) or collaboration folder. Collaboration folders allow you to work together with other people in a folder. The WebShare link you get is then followed by your friends and shows up in their Favorites, which contains all followed WebShares. If you follow using your computer, CloudMe will automatically setup the necessary sync folder for you.

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Refer a friend and earn a bonus of 500 MB for you and every friends who joins (up to a maximum of 16 GB free extra space).

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