Seamless sync photos from phone to computer
All your photos synced to your computer
Did you get asked to upload photos from your phone? With the latest version of our mobile apps, you can now choose to automatically upload photos from your phone to CloudMe. If you haven't turned it on yet, go to Settings, and select View Upload Manager and turn it on. If you have CloudMe Sync installed, we will also ask if you want to sync all your photos to your computer (*).

Now CloudMe will automatically backup your phone’s photos in the cloud, and also download them to your computer. With all photos on your computer, you can organize photos into folders and then use CloudMe on your phone to access your organized photo albums. This makes it easy to share photo albums with friends and family through WebShares (View an example WebShare...).


*If you want to do it manually, right click on the CloudMe icon in your taskbar, choose Add folder, then create a new folder for your phone's photos and select Documents/Pictures/iPhone Camera in your CloudMe account. A similar path will exist for iPad or Android devices.

Follow WebShares
Stream and listen to music
Have you started to follow your friends WebShares yet? All followed WebShares show up in your Favorites tab and allow you to view photos, stream music and video, create playlists and also access and download its content using CloudMe Sync or WebDAV. When you follow a WebShare, everything that is shared to you becomes part of your file system, but without taking up any of the space in your CloudMe account. Yes, you heard right, it takes no space from your account to accept files shared to you.
With CloudMe you can greatly expand the capacity for music on your smartphone with up to 500 GB. Many of you have already discovered the streaming capabilities of CloudMe. All you have to do is download CloudMe to you computer and then add a new sync folder that syncs your music collection to CloudMe. Set the sync to upload only and then you are all done! Now you can create playlists and listen to all your music whenever you want and wherever you are.
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