Free space for all!
Up to 16 GB is yours for the asking. We’ve heard your requests for more free space so here is your opportunity to get it. Give your friends the gift of free space by referring them to CloudMe and you’ll both receive 500 MB of free bonus space when your invitation is accepted.

Earn a bonus of 500MB for every friend who joins – up to a maximum of 16 GB!
Each friend will also receive a bonus of 500MB for using your invitation to join CloudMe.

Start giving away free space and watch your account grow by referring friends!
Hope for the best – Plan for the worst
You’ve told us that you are looking for simple and easy ways to move and upload files and folders. Now with drag-n-drop, it couldn’t be any easier. Move your files around by dragging and dropping from one folder to another when logged in through CloudMe Web Access. Or do a quick upload with drag-n-drop from your desktop using your web browser.

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Now is the time to safeguard your computer files against any and all unforeseeable circumstances. No more worries about a lost, stolen or broken laptop. There's more to CloudMe than just the Blue Folder, use CloudMe Sync to automatically upload your files daily to your CloudMe account.

Learn how to create an Upload sync folder .
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