Start Collecting Your Favorites Today!
Wish you could keep track of all those crazy, funny, adorable photos your friends have shared with you recently? Not to mention their latest original songs? Then add them to your Favorites! Just click on the new button, Add to Favorites, while viewing your friends’ WebShares. Collect them all in one place to view and listen to over and over again. No more checking through a million emails to find that link again. All your favorites will be saved to your account under the new tab, Favorites.

CloudMe exclusively presents the world-wide release of Fruity from Swedish house music producer, Mike Nielsen. You can find more music from Mike on iTunes. Add to Favorites and enjoy!
Bigger is better - 500 GB!
New CloudMe Ready Apps
In our discussion with you guys you have asked for even bigger storage. That is why we now are introducing the 500 GB account! So now you can truly upload all your photos and all your music to your account. And make it accessible from everywhere.

Size does matter! Get your upgrade here.
This month we have the pleasure of announcing two new CloudMe Ready apps by Zhigang Chen - iExplorer and eXPlayer. iExplorer is a powerful file manager. It allows you to transfer files between your iOS device and several cloud servers including CloudMe. eXPlayer is an audio/video player which can stream almost any audio/video format from different types of servers.
Find them here.
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