Presenting... the magical Blue Folder
CloudMe proudly presents the long awaited blue folder. It's easy, anything you put in the blue folder, will be available on any device you have CloudMe on. Change something on your phone or computer and it will immediately be available on all blue folders you have. In order to get the blue folder, you need to install CloudMe on your computer (use it on as many computers as you like), just Download CloudMe.

With the blue folder, CloudMe truly is a European alternative to real-time file sync, see our press release.

Psst! Guess what? There’s more to tell. Learn more about your sync options here.
Full mobile access available
Already using CloudMe Easy Upload?
The blue folder is available through our mobile apps and third party apps. You will find the blue folder at Documents/CloudMe. Android users will also find it as a blue folder on the desktop (will soon come to the iPhone app). And of course, you can access the blue folder from any web browser using CloudMe Web Access.
Great! Then you will be pleased to know that upon installation of CloudMe, Easy Upload will be replaced, but all of your Easy Upload settings will be remembered and continue to work. As an advanced user, you will appreciate that we kept the best of Easy Upload while introducing the magic of hotsync.
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